Book Printers – Pick the Right One For Your Book

For writers interested in self publishing their works, the world of book printing has many options available. Before choosing a publisher, it’s important to understand your needs and find the company that is right for you. A poor decision will cost you significantly more or result in a poor quality book.

Authors who intend to self publish should consider short run book printers. Short run book printing allows the writer to print a small number of books at a reasonable cost. The manuscript is generally stored digitally, making reprinting easy. Short runs are typically between 25 and 1,500 copies. Among the many advantages of short run book printing are control and cost. Short run printing allows you to set a budget for your printing, receive copies of your book in days or weeks, and proof it yourself. Small printing runs allow you to test the market with little risk. You also have the opportunity to test different market distribution methods to see what suits you best.

Some short run book printers offer print on demand service. With print on demand, you market your book, take orders, and have copies printed as needed. Not all short run book printers offer print on demand service, however. Some require minimum runs of 25-100 books, although sometimes they will allow print on demand service once the minimum threshold is met.

Authors who choose short run book printing must weigh the cost effectiveness of different size printings. As the number of books printed goes up, the cost per unit drops significantly. Print on demand service typically requires a set up fee, plus the cost per unit. Unfortunately, the cost per unit for print on demand printing (usually between $4 and $15), does not scale down with higher volume.

If you’ve decided to opt for short run book printing, it’s time to start investigating potential book printers. It’s best to contact multiple service providers to get quotes based on the specifics of your book. When asking for a quote, be sure to inquire what that particular book printers turnaround time is. You also may want to consider asking for a sample of their work. When comparing prices, be sure to factor in quality. You will not want to settle for an unattractive, poor quality product so you can save a little money.

For more information about printing your book, contact the expert book printers at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.


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