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Newsletter Printing Services Can Help Your Company Stand Out

It can be difficult to build an organization in today’s saturated media market. While common strategies include word of mouth networking, public events and meetings, and advertising, one of the most useful tools in promoting your organization is the newsletter. Unlike most brochures, post cards, and catalogs, which are focused on promotional content, most newsletters are devoted to editorial content. Instead of wasting space with unnecessary advertising and fluff, which will negatively impact your readership, newsletters allow you to focus on content that is relevant to your organization and interesting to your readers.

Newsletters are utilized by wide ranging types of organizations. If you work for a governmental agency, you can use newsletters to inform citizens of important policy changes and information relating to your services. If you work for a Church, a newsletter can provide your congregation with important information about religious services, social activities, community news, and social events. Nonprofits find newsletters to be a critical resource for promoting their name in the community, attracting much needed financial support, soliciting volunteers, promoting community awareness of important issues, and announcing what the organization is working on. Even schools can use newsletters to keep parents in the loop about what’s going on in their child’s educational life. All organizations can benefit from the newsletter’s ability to keep stakeholders informed of new products, services, events, and activities.

While it is possible to deliver newsletters electronically, newsletter printing services offer the ability to custom print newsletters in runs that make sense for your organization. Publishers offer a variety of services and options for putting together and printing your newsletter. You can choose two colors to keep your newsletter simple, but full color will help it to really stand out catch readers’ attention. The pages of the newsletter can be plain or glossy, depending on your desired look and your budget. Newsletters can be printed with no fold, with a half fold (two pages across) or with a tri fold, which enables easy mailing. You can opt for your newsletter to be hole punched as well. Newsletter printing services will provide you with a proof copy for your review, and most newsletters can be printed with 7 days or fewer turnaround time.

No matter what type of organization you are involved in, consider using newsletters to grow your organization, keep members in the loop, and promote awareness of your doings in your community. 

For more information about printing newsletters, contact the newsletter printing services providers at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.


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Printing Your Own Book? SPAWN is a Great Resource!

The Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network (SPAWN) is an organization for writers and publishers. Recommended by Writer’s Digest in their list of 101 best sites for writers, SPAWN’s website is an invaluable resource. SPAWN provides opportunities for everyone involved in publishing, including information resources, research sources, directories of publishers and printers, and links to the media. SPAWN is a nonprofit organization whose members include: publishers, authors, illustrators, photographers, editors, book manufacturers, printers, booksellers, artists, and publicists.

Membership in SPAWN offers many great benefits. Members gain access to an E-mail discussion group, which creates opportunities to question and discuss publishing with experienced writers and publishers. The market update tool informs members what’s happening with magazine and book publishers, while also listing opportunities for freelance writers and artists. SPAWN members get their own webpage and profile, which are viewable by anyone online. Additionally members have their names listed in the SPAWN catalog advertising their works and services, and gain eligibility to attend SPAWN book festivals.

On top of publishing and writing related benefits, SPAWN members have the opportunity to participate in the organization’s member health plan. While not insurance, the health program provides discounts of 20-60% on health, dental, vision, and chiropractic services.

SPAWN’s collection of writing resources is an invaluable tool for any writer and anyone who is doing their own book printing. In addition to the member benefits, SPAWN features books and articles  on writing, publishing, book marketing, copy rights, legal issues, and illustrating. There are further resources for writers interested in editing and self publishing their work.  The site maintains a list of book printing companies, book services, legal services, and links to other organizations that might be helpful to writers.

If you are a writer or are printing your own book, consider becoming a part of SPAWN and participating in their mission to promote art and literature, encourage creative expression, and connect with those interested in the arts.

For more information about how to SPAWN or for more information on self-publishing, contact the book printing experts at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.

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