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Eight Tips For Book Signing Success

For many authors, writing their book is the easy part of their job. It’s ensuring the book sells that can be difficult. One of the most important things any author can do to increase their sales is conduct book signings. This idea can seem overwhelming. However, book signings are actually rather simple events once you know what steps are needed.

  • To begin with, research your local bookstores, creating a small list of stores that sell your genre. Contact these stores and introduce yourself. Arrange a date for the signing that allows enough time for both you and the bookstore to prepare for the event and advertise.
  • Make sure the store has plenty of books in stock. Bring extras yourself, if necessary. Remember, the goal is to increase sales. The more books you have on hand, the more you can sell, the happier the bookstore is, and the better your chances for book signing success.
  • Arrive early with all your materials. Time and preparation can calm your nerves before the big event. In addition, being early to help the staff set up might make them more inclined to redirect customers to your table.
  • Set up your table in a way that draws attention. A large poster with your picture, the book, and a few eye-catching words can go a long way toward pulling in customers.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people! Someone may not be interested in your genre, but they may know a friend who is. Being friendly allows you to start selling "you" – the book sales will follow.
  • Invite your friends and family members to the signing. The more people you have surrounding you the better. Just remember to focus your attention on your customers. If you can make a lasting impression on them they will help sell your book to their own friends and family members.
  • Consider having a drawing to give away freebies (ask local businesses if they would donate something to give as a prize). Hand out fliers before the signing day and note on the flyer that there will be a drawing held at the end of the book signing. Create a contact list by having customers sign up for the drawing.
  • Finally, one of the most important steps for book signing success is to be prepared with a large stack of fliers and business cards on hand. Consider having unique bookmarks created that advertise your book. Give these out to every person who stops by your table regardless of whether they buy a book. Everyone is a potential future customer.

CMYK Graphix, Inc. offers several tips for self-publishers beyond these tips for book signing success. In addition to book printing for the self-publisher, they can create those fliers and business cards that will ultimately result in helping to make your book signing a success. CMYK Graphix, Inc. can be reached at 1-800-698-2071, on their website at, or through their email.


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Book Printers – Six Tips for Choosing the Right One

It may seem like any easy task to choose a book printer who can get your lovingly written "baby" off your computer file and into print, but not all book printers are created equal! A book printer is much like anything else in this world – some are experts in their field and some should not even be in the field. It’s wise to sit down and list your needs before you go on the hunt for a publisher – that way you can find the company and printer who is the right fit for you. Picking the wrong publisher can mean frustration and higher costs to you, not to mention the chance of getting a low quality book out of the deal..

If you have never self-published a book before, it can seem like an easy process. You write the book and drop it off at the printer, and -presto!- you are an author. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way! The book (manuscript) needs to be put into an electronic form and it needs to be edited for errors in spelling and grammar. Someone has to do a layout and the cover art. You need to get an ISBN. There is the issue of storage of the printed work and the marketing and distribution of it. It also needs to be promoted unless you want to have 5,000 copies sitting in your garage, not to mention many other factors that go into the creation of a successful self-published book.

Authors who want to self publish their works should consider short run book printers. The beauty of short run book printing is that the author can print just a small number of books and they can be done at a reasonable cost. Reprinting will be easy if you sell out your work because the manuscript is stored digitally. A short runs printing is around 25 to 1,500 copies. You can set a budget that determines the number of books to be printed. You can save money by doing your own editing and short run book printers can get you your books in just days or weeks of your printing order. And even though you think your book is great, short run printing lets you take on minimal risk while you test the market to see if it is as good as you think it is.

So, how do you narrow down the field of book printers?

  • Contact several book printers to get ideas of the range of services they offer, their prices, and how well they work with their customers.
  • Get references and contacts for authors whose works they have published. They should be happy to have you speak with other clients.
  • Follow up on those contacts! Find out the good, bad, and ugly of the book printers you are considering.
  • For best comparison, try to talk to the authors who had books of similar length (number of pages), size of print run, and similar pre-print and post-print services.
  • Find out the turn-around time for that particular book printer.
  • Factor in quality when comparing the prices among the different book printers. You don’t want to save money and end up with poor quality.

For more information about printing your book, contact the expert book printers at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.

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Five Tips For Marketing Your Self-Published Book

To write the great American novel is one of the most common aspirations in today’s culture. Everyone has a story inside them and now you’ve succeeded in putting your story onto paper. You’ve spent countless hours honing and tweaking your book until it’s reached the best possible version. You’ve decided to self-publish and you’re on your way to success.

There’s only one problem: Where do you go from here? Competition in the book world is vast and can, at times, seem overwhelming. Therefore, the path to success relies on your ability to properly promote your book so it can reach the widest audience. Who better to market your book than you? You know the book’s intended audience and its intended purpose. What can be daunting is that often you don’t know where to even start with marketing your self-published book.

  1. One of the first steps you should take when promoting your self published book is to set up a personal Web site that advertises your work. In today’s world, Web sites are often the first stop consumers make in an attempt to purchase an item. The ability to buy directly from your site can mean an immediate jump in your book’s sales.
  2. The next step is to use print as a means to direct more consumers toward your site so the book sales can continue to soar. Make a promotional copy of your book – a short synopsis that will hook your readers and leave them wanting more. This promotional copy can be placed on advertising flyers, sent out to newsletters, reviewed in your local newspaper, and used to obtain a position in the “local author” section of your local bookstore.
  3. Word of mouth can also be one of the simplest tactics you can use when marketing your self-published book. Spread the news of your book’s printing to all your friends and family. Ask them to pass the news on through business cards or pamphlets you have printed.
  4. Along the lines of the "word-of-mouth" advice above, consider doing some book signings at local independent or chain book stores.
  5. Send a press release to your local newspaper. Include your contact information (they may want to verify information within the press release), the name and genre of the book, and a little bio about yourself. If you are marketing your self-published book through book signings, also include the name and address of the store, the day and time of the book signing.

While book promotion can be an intimidating thing to think about, just take it one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be on the path to success!

CMYK Graphix Inc. provides one-stop shopping for promotional print items. As the No. 1 choice in book printing today, CMYK Graphix will not only help you self-publish your book, they will provide the business cards, brochures, and flyers that will get your words out there in the world.

For more information about marketing your self-published book, contact the experts at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.

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