Eight Tips For Book Signing Success

For many authors, writing their book is the easy part of their job. It’s ensuring the book sells that can be difficult. One of the most important things any author can do to increase their sales is conduct book signings. This idea can seem overwhelming. However, book signings are actually rather simple events once you know what steps are needed.

  • To begin with, research your local bookstores, creating a small list of stores that sell your genre. Contact these stores and introduce yourself. Arrange a date for the signing that allows enough time for both you and the bookstore to prepare for the event and advertise.
  • Make sure the store has plenty of books in stock. Bring extras yourself, if necessary. Remember, the goal is to increase sales. The more books you have on hand, the more you can sell, the happier the bookstore is, and the better your chances for book signing success.
  • Arrive early with all your materials. Time and preparation can calm your nerves before the big event. In addition, being early to help the staff set up might make them more inclined to redirect customers to your table.
  • Set up your table in a way that draws attention. A large poster with your picture, the book, and a few eye-catching words can go a long way toward pulling in customers.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people! Someone may not be interested in your genre, but they may know a friend who is. Being friendly allows you to start selling "you" – the book sales will follow.
  • Invite your friends and family members to the signing. The more people you have surrounding you the better. Just remember to focus your attention on your customers. If you can make a lasting impression on them they will help sell your book to their own friends and family members.
  • Consider having a drawing to give away freebies (ask local businesses if they would donate something to give as a prize). Hand out fliers before the signing day and note on the flyer that there will be a drawing held at the end of the book signing. Create a contact list by having customers sign up for the drawing.
  • Finally, one of the most important steps for book signing success is to be prepared with a large stack of fliers and business cards on hand. Consider having unique bookmarks created that advertise your book. Give these out to every person who stops by your table regardless of whether they buy a book. Everyone is a potential future customer.

CMYK Graphix, Inc. offers several tips for self-publishers beyond these tips for book signing success. In addition to book printing for the self-publisher, they can create those fliers and business cards that will ultimately result in helping to make your book signing a success. CMYK Graphix, Inc. can be reached at 1-800-698-2071, on their website at http://www.cmykgraphix.com, or through their email.


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