6 Tips For Getting That Story Out of Your Head and Off to the Book Printers!

Millions of people every year think about writing a book. Unfortunately, very few follow through with this dream because the process of writing a book and publishing it is often tedious and drawn out. In reality, one must only know the steps to take and accomplishing this goal can be as simple as baking a cake!

  • To begin with, you must plan your central idea. You’ve had a story brewing in your mind for some time; now it’s time to elaborate on it. What events will lead your story from beginning to end?
  • Create an outline from these events, placing them in an order that allows your story to flow. A step like this not only helps guide the story, it will keep you on track while you write.
  • Develop your characters. You should know your main characters inside and out. Who are their best friends? What are their families like? What are their ages, appearances, backgrounds, and dreams?
  • Write your first chapter. Starting off with immediate action will pull your readers into your story right away. Character backgrounds and introductions should come later, as a natural part of the story and the way it flows.
  • Complete your first draft, following your outline as your embellish each event. Read back through the book to make sure the plot, characters, and dialogue all seem realistic. Make any adjustments that are needed.
  • Have a friend or family member to read your book. Ask them to make sure the characters, setting, or plot are fleshed out enough. Once any modifications are done, your book is completed and ready to go off to the book printers!

Now what? Today, more and more writers are choosing to self-publish their work through book printers rather than go through the tedious process of finding a professional publisher. The average publisher takes 3-6 month to respond to a query letter and another 3-6 months to respond to a manuscript. Why wait all that time when you can get your book printed immediately? Professional book printers like CMYK Graphix Inc. can get a writer’s book into print mere weeks after it’s finished. The results of your work will be seen quickly, without unnecessary waiting, uncertainty, or rejection letters. For more information, contact the expert book printers at Cmykgraphix.com, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.


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