Self-Publishing and Book Printng Resource for Authors – The IPBA

So you have finished that book you’ve been working so hard on for so long. Ready to launch your story out there for the world, you begin researching for self-publishing and book printing resources who can print your book in record time. For many people this might seem like the most important step in the publishing process. However, anyone who’s gone through the motions of selling a book will tell you this is just the beginning of making your book a true success.

In order to make your book a hit you’ll need to distribute it to the right locations, market through various media outlets, and create the advertising tools that will make your story accessible to anyone who wants it. The Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA) is a sort of one-stop resource for authors looking to make the most of their career.

As a member of the IBPA, you will have access to great self-publishing and book printing resources such as:

  • Educational Web seminars and newsletters that discuss industry issues and advice.
  • Discounts with marketing and publicity companies that make it possible for you to promote your work through the proper media channels.
  • The means to assist you in distributing your book to wholesalers, book stores, online retailers, libraries, etc.
  • Markdowns on shipping rates through freight and mailing services.
  • Reduced rates on advertising pages through a variety of newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.
  • Legal and financial help regarding copyright assistance, discounts on debit and credit card processing, and indemnity programs such as health, disability and life insurance.
  • Aids for creating and supporting Web sites and Internet streamlining through social Web pages such as YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook.
  • Online archives of articles related to the book industry such as legal questions, marketing issues, and business tips.

IBPA members also have access to regional affiliate network organizations that help them connect to others in the publsihing world. With such tools available, any author who is doing their own self-publishing and book printing has the opportunity to promote their work in the best possible ways. The IBPA can help you make your book the success you’ve always known it would be.

For more information on self-publishing and book printing, or to learn more about IBPA, contact the experts at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.


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