Sell Your Own Book Through Amazon

In today’s publishing world, the highest-selling book often becomes the shining gem of book distributors and wholesalers everywhere. With all the attention focused on the latest favorite, self-published authors can find their books at the bottom of wholesaler’s priority list, making it even harder for them to get sales. Remember, however, that those best-selling stories had to get their start somewhere and, in many cases, has been at the forefront of helping you sell your own book.

Unlike other wholesalers, pays equal attention to all their authors: best-sellers and those still getting their start in the sales world. They make sure all titles appear frequently and prominently throughout their Web site. Plus, their renowned personalization technology fits customers with the products they’re going to be interested in buying, even if they didn’t know the product existed. In this way, they can help you sell your own book by making sure your book find its way into the hands of the people with the highest probability of enjoying it. Those people are then more likely to pass it on to their friends and family members with similar tastes.

Additionally,’s Advantage program allows you complete control of your book’s detail page. Set up sample passages, a “Read about the Author” section, customer reviews, and images of your book cover, among other things. They send you automatic email notifications when the supply of your book is low so you can send more to their distribution center. This ensures your customers receive your book in the shortest time possible. Plus, their system will continually adjust the number of copies requested from you based on the sales performance your book maintains at any given time.

All that’s needed to enroll is the North American distribution rights for your books, barcodes with an ISBN or EAN on the back cover, and online access so you can manage your account. With this and the affordable flat fee of $29.95 per year your book can be available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can sell your own book by partnering with a wholesaler who has a reputation for service, reliability, and security, thus making it a self-publisher’s dream.

For more information about book printing or for hints to help you sell your own book, contact the expert book printers online at, call them at 1-800-698-2071, or email them today.


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