Self-publishing Tips – Writing an Acknowledgement Page

There’s no doubt that a lot of time and effort goes into writing a book, whether self-publishing or going through an agent or a traditional publisher. An author is, of course, the heart and soul of their work, but it would be very difficult for them to complete such a time-consuming project without, at least, a little help. Family members, significant others, and even complete strangers can play a major role in making a piece of work come to fruition. The acknowledgement page of a book is intended to thank those people who heavily influenced you or your book as it was being developed.

To start putting together your acknowledgement page, simply create a list of everyone you feel contributed to your work. This can be family members who cooked your meals while you were working, or who gave you a quiet space in which to write. It could also be a professional who contributed information for your research or someone who supported you spiritually or emotionally. For example, they may have prayed fervently for your success or encouraged you when you considered giving up.

The following steps will help you work your way through a complete acknowledgement page:

  • First, compile your list together, along with the reasons why you’re grateful for each individual. This will help you pinpoint who had the most influence on your work as a whole.
  • Narrow down your list. Most acknowledgement pages are no longer than a half-page, so keep that length in mind.
  • Write the rough draft of your acknowledgement and have an unbiased individual review it for editing or suggestions regarding changes or information that could be omitted.
  • Write the final draft of your acknowledgement and save it with the same font size and font color as the rest of the book.
  • A completed acknowledgement page is generally placed in the book between the table of contents and the actual work.

Once your acknowledgement page is complete, your manuscript is one step closer to being sent off for self-publishing so you can get it on the shelf as soon as possible!

For more information on self-publishing your work, contact CMYK Graphix, Inc. They offer options for authors considering self-publishing as well as other tools to help self-published authors promote their work. Call them at 1-800-698-2071 or email them today.


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